Below is a sample list of some of the pieces found in our repertoire.
We also take special requests for pieces not normally included.

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(MIDI) to hear what a piece sounds like.
These are computer-generated files, not recordings of musicians!
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Bach, J.S. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (MIDI)
Air on a G-String (MIDI)
Gavotte II (English Suite No.3) (MIDI)
March in D (Notebook for Anna Magdalena) (MIDI)
Musette (Notebook for Anna Magdalena) (MIDI)
Minuette in G (Notebook for Anna Magdalena) (MIDI)
Arioso (MIDI)
Invention #8 (MIDI)
Invention #13 (MIDI)
Choral in C
Beethoven, L.V. Sonata Pathetique (MIDI)
Symphony No. 6, 1st Movement (MIDI)
Symphony No. 9, (Ode To Joy) (MIDI)
Campian, C Song Tune
Chopin, F Prelude in E Minor (MIDI)
Waltz in A Minor
Couperin, F Mysterious Barricades (MIDI)
Dowland, J Kemp's Jig (MIDI)
Come Again (MIDI)
What If I Never Speed (MIDI)
My Lady Hunssdon's Allemande (MIDI)
Awake, Sweet Love
Fauré, G Berceuse (MIDI)
Handel, G.F. Aylesford Gavotte (MIDI)
Air (Hornpipe) (MIDI)
Minuet in F (MIDI)
Gavotte in C
Gavotte in A
Minuet in G (MIDI)
Bourrée in C (MIDI)
Hadyn, J Menuet and Trio in D (MIDI)
Minuet in E (MIDI)
London Trio (Allegro Moderato)
London Trio (Andante)
London Trio (Vivace)
Kabalevsky, D Little Song
Leclair, J-M Le Tambourin
Mendelssohn, F Wedding March (MIDI)
Monteverdi, C Non Cosi (MIDI)
Giovinetta Ritrosetta (MIDI)
Mozart, W.A. Minuet (from Eight Minuets & Trios)
Spring Song (MIDI)
Allegro in D
Pachelbel, J Canon (MIDI)
Gigue (proceeds the Canon) (MIDI)
Paganini, N Terzetto for Guitar, Violin and Cello (MIDI)
Prokofiev, S Promenade (Children's Suite)
Purcell, H Sound The Trumpet (MIDI)
Minuet I (MIDI)
Trumpet Tune (MIDI)
Rameau, J.P. Le Tambourin
Saint-Saëns, C The Swan (Carnival of the Animals) (MIDI)
Scarlatti, A Sonata in A (No. 483) (MIDI)
Schubert, F Ave Maria (MIDI)
Minuet (Piano Sonata 18)
Valse Sentimental
Tárrega, F Recuerdos de la Alhambra (MIDI)
Tchaikovsky, P Little Italian Song (MIDI)
Telemann, G.P. Guitar Quartet in D (arr. for guitar, violin and cello) (MIDI)
Canon in G (MIDI)
Vivaldi, A Allegro (Lute Concerto in D) (MIDI)
Largo (Lute Concerto in D) (MIDI)
Allegro II (Lute Concerto in D) (MIDI)
Allegro (Concerto for Two Mandolins) (MIDI)
Andante (Concerto for Two Mandolins) (MIDI)
Allegro II (Concerto for Two Mandolins) (MIDI)
Spring - Allegro (Four Seasons) (MIDI)
Winter - Largo (Four Seasons) (MIDI)
Trio in C
Von Call, L Trio Facile (MIDI)
Wagner, R Bridal Chorus (MIDI)
Anon. Ballet in E Major

Celtic /

Drowsy Maggie
Dowd's Reel
Down By The Sally Gardens
Earle of Salisbury (MIDI)
The Irish Rover
The Kerry Dance
King Of The Fairies
The Maid On the Shore
Merrily Kissed the Quaker
Planxty George Brabazon
Rakes of Westmeath
Scarborough Fair
She Moved Through the Fair
Si Beag Si Mhor
Staten Island
Sugarfoot Congress
When Irish Eyes are Smiling
Whiskey in the Jar

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